Power of the Purse 2018 Grant Finalist Summaries

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Barrington Youth and Family Services (BYFS)

Healthy Relationship Development and Trauma Informed Clinical Services


BYFS is committed to providing Barrington residents with continuous healthy relationship building and power based personal violence prevention programming.  Their goal is to develop a sustainable continuum of services that will support females who may find themselves in abusive relationships, at risk of entering controlling and aggressive relationships, or have demonstrated a pattern of involvement in unhealthy relationships.  BYFS also hopes to raise awareness about the prevalence of violence in all communities. 

BYFS would like to offer continuous healthy relationship building and violence prevention services including addressing relational aggression (domestic violence) and sexual assault programs as a community resource. Programs would include individual therapy, women’s support groups and prevention presentations or events. The Power of the Purse grant would be used to train three staff professionals in domestic violence and sexual assault through the Community Crisis Center in Elgin.  This training is 40 hours, per staff member, to obtain the certification of training completion. Remaining funding would be used to support individual counseling, supports groups and workshops for residents of Barrington 220 without the resources to pay for services.

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NeuroBalance Center, NFP

Caring for Caregivers

Autoimmune diseases are the third most common category of diseases in the United States.  Many of those impacted rely heavily on spouses, partners, parents, children and friends to provide caregiver support and daily living assistance. This process can be ongoing and draining.  Research shows that 75% of these caregivers are female. 

Caregivers often provide transportation to and from the Neurobalance Center and assist during classes.

The Power of the Purse grant would be used to fund the Caring for Caregivers program, a unique program that will provide caregivers time off from their charges and time to care for themselves.  Services would be free of charge and include personal training, message, exercise, chiropractic care, nutritional counseling or other services to support their health and wellbeing.  The program would be managed by gift certificates awarded by the staff to identified caregivers in need.   All family member or friend caregivers would be eligible.  The Neurobalance Center currently provides an environment where caregivers interact with each other regularly. This program will provide an additional and unique reward opportunity.

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